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dongnenuna / do not edit.

dongnenuna / do not edit.

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[YS] Why why you leave me alone baby
I’m still still loving you
Right now you’re leaving me behind but
I wish you happiness

[KK] Like a habit you always told me
About what will come to you and me [YS] (Our last)
Like a habit I always told you
I will do…

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HeyDay | Please do not edit

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"I really won’t leave you alone if something happens to Noona"

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[HQ PHOTO] 140220 Daejeon Fansign - Peniel Ilhoon (cr 몰오름달)

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Source: news.17173.com

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Don’t we all love a submissive Junhyung?

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Street Art

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fanart &#8217; dujun &lt;3

fanart ’ dujun <3


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